NIA West Fall 2013

Tuesday, October 29 The Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, California

Consumer Attitudes Around the World – Fish Oil In the Spotlight

DSM asked 8,000 consumers around the world about their attitudes, expectations and practices involving fish oil…one of the most important ingredients in the market today. Come find out the results of this important piece of consumer research

Updates From the Lab: Can Compliance Be Profitable? Find out how to do what you have to and how to turn it into a market differentiator and business driver.

This panel of science experts will provide updates and insights about what’s new in the lab from regulations to opportunities including how to turn lemons into lemonade.

In an Increasingly Regulated Industry Staying Current Matters: 21 CFR Section 117, Prop 65 Reform, NDI’s and How They’ll Play Out

Our expert panel will give you the head’s up on upcoming changes to the law both Federal as well as here in California. Pre blend manufacturers are about to be held accountable for the same raw materials validation as other manufacturers and there’s a bill on the Governor’s desk with some Prop 65 reforms.

Your Customers Are There, Your Competitors Are There - Digital MUST be Part of Your Marketing Mix

For those still in print only or those just tiptoeing in…there are sure to be some interesting statistics here. For those who are already fully immersed…we bet you’ll learn something too. The digital world changes daily.

Innovation Drives Profit – Why It Matters and How You Can Do It

Learn how to sell the benefits of innovation in terms of growing market leadership, profits and corporate value. Using case studies and practical applications, our speaker will illustrate how to identify, foster and drive innovation into the market.

Regulatory Enforcement of Claims: Don’t Let Your Website & Digital Marketing Sink Your Company

Learn what you can say, what you can’t say and what to be very careful about. Both of these Federal agencies are using search engines to scour the internet and it goes beyond what you can see. Meta-tags, links, and other “invisible” content counts too. With dozens of warning letters to website owners just this year, it’s time to find out exactly what to watch for.

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