NIA West Spring 2013

May 29 - June 1 The Montage, Laguna Beach

Political Update

What’s happening in Washington? Is anything happening in Washington? Our speaker, a true political insider, will address the state of the 113th congress and help us see through the log jams and chaos that we all read and hear about in the media.


At 50 million strong the Hispanic population in the US is larger than the entire population of Canada. Accounting for only 17 % of the US population, the Hispanic market controls more than $1.2 trillion in spending. If the Latino community in the US was a separate country, it would be a top 20 economic powerhouse. Over the next decade it is anticipated this community will be  responsible for 40 % of the household growth. In spite of a cultural bias towards herbal and traditional remedies, US supplement companies are slow to address this huge market with product selection, marketing materials and sales channels that are targeted to this growing and economically powerful market segment. Our speaker will address the unique qualities and opportunities that this market represents.

Doing Business in South America

As more and more companies make their way south, pent up demand for dietary supplements is exploding. Our panel will talk about the regulatory and operational challenges they have encountered while opening up shop in South America. Raw materials, inspections, regulatory requirements…our group has seen it all and they’ll tell you what they found.

The California Update

While we are all concerned about ongoing Prop 65 notices and the potential levels of flagged elements in our raw materials as well as finished goods, we may not be as focused as we should be on a new class of litigators going after the industry for label claims. Who knew the word “Natural” would be grounds for a class action lawsuit? Our speakers know the issues and the players and can update you on the latest from the courtroom and advise on how to protect yourselves and save you some real money.


The Mexican equivalent of the FDA, is “the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) is a decentralized organ of the Department of Health with technical, administrative and operational autonomy, whose mission is to protect the population against sanitary risks, through sanitary regulation, control and promotion under a single command, which provides unity and homogeneity to the policies which are determined.” Our speaker will tell us how it works south of the border as we explore Mexico.

Health and Wellness in the Hispanic Community

Hispanics experience 1.5 to 3 times the number of serious birth defects, about double the incidence of diabetes, much higher rates of liver cancer, hypertension, and other weight related illnesses than other populations. Their health care coverage is less than half that of the rest of the population. Perhaps as an answer to this, they are much more likely to use home remedies, visit a botanica (natural herbal pharmacy) or use other natural cures. Many Hispanics purchase supplements made in their home country rather than those made here in the US or as an alternative to seeing a doctor. Our speaker will discuss the issues unique to this community and point out opportunities with this important population segment.

Regulatory Affairs on a Federal Level

Daniel Fabricant PhD is on the record as having stated that strong enforcement from FDA on cGMPs will continue. He has clearly indicated that the industry will see a lot more of what we saw last year. Our speakers will sum up last year’s activity and provide insight into plans for 2013. And should you find yourself with a 483…we will have advise on that too.