Fall Members Meeting 2012

New Challenges and Opportunities - Across the Globe and Here at Home

The topics of the day are wide reaching and touch many facets of our industry. We will bring together experts to provide their unique perspectives on the challenges we face in the future.

Opening Session - Age-Proof Your Body. The baby boomers are one of the biggest audiences when it comes to nutrition and supplementation. Diet and supplements play a huge role in slowing, stopping, and in some cases even reversing the aging process. Many medications also alter nutrient absorption, making it near impossible to get certain nutrients in optimal amounts from diet alone. This presentation offers the latest research on how nutrition and what supplements can slow the aging process and even lower Alzheimer’s risk by up to 60%! Elizabeth Somer RD

How Will the Results of the Upcoming Election Impact Our Business Over the Next Four Years With the election only 4 days after our meeting, we find ourselves within striking distance of change.  What will the FDA look like if a Republican is in the white house? And if prop 37 (GMO labeling) passes, how will it impact our business?  John Venardos - Senior Vice President Worldwide Regulatory, Government & Industry Affairs, Herbalife International

Going Green and The Practice of Sustainability- From Ethics to Profits and Everything In Between  - Panel Discussion – Hear from panelists what strides are being made in sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and more and the effects of their efforts on the planet, their customers, overhead , revenue and of course the bottom line.  Jad Darsey Director of Sustainability and Plastics | TricorBraun,  Cristian Barcan,  Regional Head SET - Applied Sustainability for Americas & Asia/Pacific, BASF Nutrition & Health

Could Prebiotics Be Even More Important Than Probiotics? How does the Human Microbiome Impact our Health? Science has made clear that probiotics are only a part of the story…and an incomplete part at that.  Prebiotics are being studied for benefits ranging from cholesterol and weight management to cancer and neurological impairment.  In the marketplace, prebiotics are a minor player today…but could they be a blockbuster tomorrow?  Come hear what’s going on in the lab.  Zhaoping Li MD, PhD Professor of Medicine, at UCLA School of Medicine, Ronald Regan Medical Center

Doing Business in India…What You Need to Know Before You Go.  –Panel Discussion The Indian sub-continent is increasingly important, not only as a source for raw materials, but as a location for manufacturing and new customers as well. As more and more of us consider adding a new location to the letterhead, hear what’s important to know before you go.  Joe Plunkett, VP Global Manufacturing Herbalife International,  Gopi Menon Senior Research Scientist, Nutrilite, Jaime Piza, Vice President Global Relationship Lead-DSM

The California Update: Prop 65, Class Actions and Mass Litigation and GMO Labeling. The Roadblocks to Doing Business Here at Home
Less than two years ago when we had our first meeting the “California” issue was clearly prop 65 litigation. While Prop 65 challenges continue, recently lawyers from big tobacco law suits are starting to aggressively target food makers and plaintiff attorneys take aim at the nutrition industry under California’s unfair competition/consumer remedy act. Add that to the possibility that Prop 37, the California proposition that requires label identification of GMO ingredients and the regulatory environment becomes a full time job. Peg Toledo Partner, Mennenmeier, Glassman and Stroud LLP, Angela Agrusa, Partner at Liner Grode Stein Yankelevitz Sunshine Gegenstreif and Taylor