NIA-West Spring 2018 Topics

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  • Marketing: Last year retailers reported the best sales year since 2011. Yet the environment continues to morph at remarkable speed, and there are clear winners and losers. Is the new online marketing an opportunity for our industry — or a death knell to your business? What must you know about the future of retail to be counted among the winners of this huge shift?

  • Ingredients: These ingredients are (or should be) impacting medical practices. We’ll highlight the latest findings.

  • Bars:  From a ho-hum meal replacement product to an exploding blockbuster category. From one of the most successful direct-to-consumer brands to a multi-level distribution business model. Two case studies demonstrate successful business evolutions reflecting the changing marketplace.

  • Sustainability of Raw Materials:   Whether your issues are geopolitical, environmental or caused by quality lapses, you’ll hear how to proactively manage challenges in your supply chain.

  • Exit Strategies for Company Owners:  Is a sale, acquisition or merger in your future? Our panel will discuss what you must know in advance.

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