NIA-West Spring 2017 Speakers & Topics

Tuesday, May 23rd

8:00 am - We’re All Millennials Now: How Digital Channels Have Ruined Everything for the Better

Millennials have developed the disruptive platforms that have permanently changed the sales & marketing of every consumer product. Understanding these strange beings and how they are driving the digitization of everything is critical in adapting our business to the new normal in a post-Amazon world.

9:00 am - Holding Your Suppliers Accountable

What should you expect from your raw material suppliers? Dave Schoneker, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs at Colorcon and Vice Chair for Scientific and Regulatory Policy at IPEC-America brings his 35 plus years of industry experience to the podium as he tells us what our raw material suppliers should be doing and how to ensure they are.

10:20 am - Brand Owners’ Wish List

Brand owners tells us what they are looking for when considering new ingredients, formulations, packaging and claims. Product Development and Innovation employees Steve Farmer, Executive Director of Product Development, Healthy Directions, Rick Sharpee, Director of Science and Nutrition, NOW Foods and Jennifer Haus, Vice President of Marketing, New Vitality will share with us what they are looking for when it comes to novel ingredients, consumer friendly packaging and a great marketing story to tell.

11:20 am - E-Commerce, Dietary Supplement Regulations and a Fractured Industry 

The advent of e-commerce has made bringing products to market a “virtual” walk-in-the-park. Today almost anyone can set up their own website and become and e-retailer. But doing so in a compliant way is a whole other story. How do we as an industry make sure that e-retailers are toeing the regulatory line.  John Venardos, Principal, Venardos & Associates.

Wednesday, May 24th

9:00 am - Positioning for Success in a World of Commodities – Science Backed, Patent-Protected, Branded Ingredients

Jim Hamilton, CEO Neptune Wellness Solutions, Patent Attorney Kevin Bell, Porzio, Bromberg and Newman and, Co-founder and CEO Frank Jaksch, from Chromadex, discuss the benefits and challenges of using science backed, patent-protected branded ingredients.

10:30 am - New Requirements in Labeling 

The countdown is underway. Robin Koon, EVP Best Formulations will review the requirements and the due-by dates for the new labeling laws taking effect over the next 18 months. Are you ready?

11:30 am - How to Play the Game to Win – Advocacy for the Future of the Industry 

The industry has matured in many venues. Now we need to stabilize growth and solidify a legacy in the country’s overall health and wellness. This includes marginalizing critics, and operating in a manner that is politically astute and consistent with other industries with similar challenges.  Dan Fabricant Ph.D., CEO NPA, will review current challenges and what can be done to make our voice heard in ways it hasn’t been before.