NIA-West Spring 2015 Speakers & Topics

If You Don't Tell Your Story...Someone Else Will

As one of the world's premiere brand strategists, four-time author Robin Fisher Roffer has launched and reinvented dozens of powerhouse brands. As a long time proponent of getting in front of the story, Robin's insights on how to proactively tell your own story are sure to shine a light on a different path forward for an industry targeted by seemingly endless bad press.
Robin Fisher Roffer, President - Big Fish Marketing

The New York AG - Beyond Politics as Usual 

On February 3rd of this year, the supplement industry took a hit when the New York State Attorney General's office accused four major retailers of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal products. Dr. Fabricant will address the AG's recent activities and discuss why we, as an industry, must step up and take a seat at the political table..
Dan Fabricant PhD, CEO of the Natural Products Association

The First 90 Days

Many industry leaders changed jobs last year in a significant way.
From federal enforcer to industry advocate... from multi-level giant to up and coming retailer.. and from big multi-national corporation to mid cap public company CEO.
Two of the greats talk about their first 90 days on the job. 
Dan Fabricant PhD, CEO  - Natural Products Association 
John Venardos, Vice President - Regulatory & Government Affairs/Chief Regulatory Officer Zag Group

Mars Vs. Venus - The impact of Gender on Marketing Success

Liz Sloan Ph.D., owner of Sloan Trends will talk to us about what makes a product move off a shelf and how it differs by gender. Whole books have been written about why she buys (and “she” is the one who does most of the buying). Dr. Sloan will spend some time looking at how to push the right buttons with the decision maker who is your customer.
Liz Sloan Ph.D., Owner - Sloan Trends

Prop 65 Back In the News

In May 2013, California Gov. Jerry Brown proposed to: “to revamp Proposition 65 by ending frivolous ‘shake-down’ lawsuits, improving how the public is warned about dangerous chemicals and strengthening the scientific basis for warning levels.” In response, OEHHA formally released a draft of new Proposition 65 regulations. However, the proposed changes, if implemented, may result in increased litigation and further burdened businesses. Peg Toledo will give us an update.
Peg Toldeo, Principal - Toledo Don

The FTC - Overreach or the New Normal?

FTC is continuing to aggressively demand more from the industry than the law currently requires. Marc will talk about how FTC continues to push on what counts as substantiation when it comes to claims, the recent action against Bayer, and ongoing activity against other companies. There is no doubt cause for alarm and many would say they are over reaching.
Marc Ullman, Principal- Ullman Shapiro

The Upcoming Impact of FSMA on Raw Materials Suppliers

Though the manufacturers of dietary ingredients were exempt from 21 CFR Part 111 for dietary supplements under DSHEA, they will not be exempt from the Preventive Control Requirements (21 CFR Part 117) under FSMA. As 117 is finalized raw materials manufacturers may find it’s a whole new world. The foreign supplier verification program, the Third Party Accreditation Rule, the Food Defense Rule and Sanitary Transport Rule could all have an impact on our business. All of these rules will be finalized in the coming months and so now is the time to begin preparing for these new regulations and requirements.
Dean Cirotta, EAS Consulting