NIA-West Spring 2019 Topics

How Research Can Make, Not Cost You Money.

The biggest benefit of backing your products with solid research may be financial. The benefits of proven science to support an ingredient go beyond efficacy and regulatory substantiation and right into the marketing potential and profitability of a product. From increased credibility to product differentiation and brand establishment, research sets your product apart giving you an edge against the competition.

CBD Claims. What's Real, What's Not and What's TBD?

What's Real, What's Not and What's Still To Be Determined? The truth behind CBD claims. CBDs are being sold in every possible format from lotions and potions to one ounce “shots” added to smoothies or alcoholic beverages, even in dog food. The claims range from pain relief to anti-anxiety treatment, to help with insomnia and more. The questions to be answered include what's actually backed by science, what's currently under investigation and what's just wishful thinking. (hint: CBD dogfood has not been proven to make your dog behave any better)

Is the Cannabis Gold “Rush” More of A Gold “Trickle”?

Show me the money!!! Is the California Gold Rush less of a rush and more of a trickle? One year in, California's effort to move its longstanding illegal and medical marijuana markets into a unified, multibillion-dollar industry has proven to be both chaotic and turbulent.  Promises of a tax windfall have not come to pass, and the black market by some estimates remains as much as 80% of cannabis sales. New business casualties are starting to stack up. What does the future look like? 

Veganism Goes Mainstream

Sales of plant-based foods in the US increased by 8.1% in 2017 topping $3.1 billion, and it's projected to continue a rapid asscent. The global meat substitutes market alone is expected to garner a revenue of $5.2 billion by 2020, registering a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% during the forecast period 2015-2020, according to Allied Market Research. How will the growth in plant-based nutrition impact our business and what opportunities does it represent to our industry?

Fiber, the Macronutrient We Overlook.

Roughage is what our grandmothers called it and they knew it was important. Today, fiber might be the most overlooked macronutrient. With benefits like weight loss, cholesterol and blood sugar management, and even cancer prevention, this important nutrient can also act as a prebiotic, important for the sustenance of probiotics in our gut. Update on the ingredient we don't talk much about.

Turn Your Sales Skills Into Your Superpower.

We all work in sales. Whether selling an idea to upper management or to share holders, or a new program to direct reports, or a product or service to a customer, the presentation can make all difference in success, and the subtle cues we give and receive can be a game changer. How to make your power of persuasion truly effective.