NIA-West Spring 2018 Topics

Metabolism: What It Is and How to Keep That Youthful Bounce

Dr. Charles Brenner Ph.D., the Roy J. Carver Chair and Head of Biochemistry at the University of Iowa

Metabolism is the body’s operating system. When it is working well, we are in balance and are capable of resiliency and optimal performance. When our metabolism is not working well, we are out of balance, susceptible to disease and don’t bounce back from injury. Dr. Brenner will describe the roles of NAD co-enzymes in metabolism, how metabolic stress dysregulates NAD co-enzymes, and how nicotinamide riboside, a newly discovered vitamin, maintains NAD levels and boosts metabolic functions.

Leveraging Insight and Innovation in Packaging to Help Drive Growth and Loyalty

Becky Donner, SVP, Marketing, Design & Engineering - TricorBraun 

Becky will discuss the important connections between packaging design and functionality and the consumer’s evolving needs and lifestyles. Leveraging consumer behavior, preferences and trends, Becky’s presentation will take us from innovative technologies to consumer expectations that brands commit to — and much more along the way.

What We're Not Talking About: Hidden Opportunities 

Dr. A. ElizabethSloan Ph.D., CEO/Owner - Sloan Trends, Inc. 

Among the many twists and turns taking hold in today’s nutritional marketplace are some seldom-discussed opportunities. Dr. Sloan believes it’s time to re-think some chemical forms, as well as amounts of specific popular ingredients used for a competitive edge. She will also discuss how we connect supplements to the move to monitor health and wellness goals, as well as talk about some of the overlooked everyday delivery options. It will all be part of the fast-paced, fun and data-driven presentation on hidden opportunities.

FDA, FTC, City of LA: Emerging Cannabis Guidelines 

Bill Rothbard, Principal - Rothbard Law 

Robert Ahn, Commissioner - City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation 

Dr. Dan Fabricant, Ph.D., Chairman/CEO, Natural Products Association 

Now that Cannabis is “legal” in California, it is being added to food in every form imaginable, vaped, sold online as CBD with claims that make it sound like a miracle drug. But what exactly is it and which set of guidelines or laws are in play? FDA, FTC, or State of California? Is it a drug or tobacco, or food or dietary supplement or something else entirely? As the regulations relax…what must we be aware of moving forward?

Personalized Nutrition: Challenges and Opportunities 

Dr. David Heber MD, Chairman - Herbalife Nutritional Institute 

Functional foods and dietary supplements are currently a $40 billion industry, and the industry is projected to grow to $80 billion with a focus on personalized nutrition, nutrigenomics, and nutrigenetics guiding the development and marketing of supplements and foods of the future. Dr. Heber will discuss nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, the microbiome, and biological clocks as they relate to age-related chronic diseases and obesity. You will get an insider's look from a Physician Scientist on the front lines of nutrition science, research, education, and patient care.

Buy, Sell, Merge: Important Information to Help You Navigate the Journey

David Thibodeau, Managing Director - Wellvest Capital 

Jeff Stallings, President - MeriCal

Allyn Langford, Principal - Langford Law Office 

In the years since NIA-West was founded, close to half of the founding companies have been part of a purchase or merger — certainly a consolidation movement to make us all take notice. It’s never too early to start planning your company’s next move. Ever wondered what it would take? Where to start? Experience a unique open discussion led by industry experts who have “been there done that,” on what you need to do to prepare your company (and yourself) for a potential sale, merger or takeover.